What is CORE?
Core is a collection of classes within the Portland State University College of the Arts. They are the required beginning classes for Freshmen and Sophomores. These classes prepare students for the rest of their art and graphic design majors, and even offer study abroad opportunities. 
In order to direct the design towards the incoming freshmen, we wanted a brand that was warm and inviting. Entering college in a competitive program can be stressful, so the brand needs to be open and encourage creativity.
We were in charge of creating a lively brand system based roughly on their old logo. We also created poster templates for current and future events, social media assets, and packaging for pencil giveaways. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Creative Directors:
Kate Bingaman and Sean Schumacher 
Graphic Designers: 
Ali McFarland and Elisa Hung
art director:
Ali McFarland and Bao Pham
Bao Pham

These pencils were created for orientation giveaways. They also have ten pieces of advice on the back to help students navigate their future.

Slide for web and email advertising the student year end exhibition

Poster #1 for the year end student exhibition
Poster #2 for the year end student exhibition

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