Blavod is currently the only brand in the world that offers a rare vodka that is actually black. It is a grain vodka infused with Black Catechu, a rare herb found only in southern Asia and central eastern Africa. Blavod is made in the UK and is not well known or well distributed. 
Onyx is an imagining of what their competitor might be. Onyx elevates this midnight black vodka to be more desirable and reach a wider audience, highlighting its rarity as a luxurious treasure.
Elixir of Life
This dark elixir has a sense of danger and offers you a sinful temptation of your darkest desires. The mysterious properties of a potion like this draw the user in with curiosity. This vodka is precious and rare, a gem to come across. 
A melted metal, marbly-feel, similar to the effect of food coloring and water. It feels magical and sought after. The elegance and simplicity of the design elevates the design to a specialty vodka for certain occasions. The type is simplistic and elegant.
This black vodka is paired with a Black Cherry Liqueur that brings out its slight berry essence.

The marbling in the diamond is original acrylic pour

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