What is BE?
BE is a makeup company that encourages their customers to be their best selves, and lets them know that their beauty comes from within them, not from the makeup they buy.

Target Audience
The customer would be young adult and looking for a mid price range. The quality is above the average drugstore makeup, but the price is kept somewhat low to be accessible to a younger audience.
The design is created to reflect the customer's own beauty back at them. The logo is unique and strong, just like the beautiful people who buy it. They are encouraged to "BE" who they are and love it. The bright colors tie in to the promotion of self confidence, but overall the brand is kept sleek and simple to allow a variety of personalities to vibe with it. 
This tagline is intended to be a confidence boost for customers that they have beauty without the makeup.

THe pattern featured here is a repetitive element unique to this line of makeup. 

The logo is done by hand and not based on a typeface, so it is completely unique

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