Blavod is currently the only brand in the world that offers a rare vodka that is actually black. It is a grain vodka infused with Black Catechu, a rare herb found only in southern Asia and central eastern Africa. Blavod is made in the UK and is not well known or well distributed. 
Onyx, as a brand, enhances the allure of this midnight black vodka, making it more appealing and accessible to a broader audience, accentuating its scarcity as a lavish gem.
Elixir of Life
This deep elixir exudes an aura of peril, enticing you with the allure of your deepest temptations. Its enigmatic qualities beckon the imbiber with intrigue. This vodka, precious and scarce, is a treasure to encounter.
Onyx should exude a sense of mystique. The typography embodies simplicity and sophistication. The restrained use of the inky marbled texture adds a touch of playfulness while maintaining an overall sense of elegance.
This black vodka is paired with a Black Cherry Liqueur that brings out its slight berry essence.

The marbling in the diamond is original acrylic pour

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